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BLS poll finds 88% of CT voters support paid family leave

On behalf of the Connecticut Women’s Education and Legal Fund, BLS Research & Consulting conducted a poll of 602 registered voters that found the following:

  • Nearly 9 in 10 (88%) of voters support paid family and medical leave

    • Support holds up after voters learn the details of the proposal, including that the plan would be employee funded through very small pay deductions

  •  Voters of all political parties support paid family leave—it is truly a bipartisan issue

    • 78% Republicans and 86% Independents favor the policy

  •  Paid family and medical leave is also a WINNING issue for candidates

    • More than two-thirds of voters say they would be MORE likely to support a candidate for CT General Assembly if that candidate favors the plan

  • Finally, voters believe paid family and medical leave is good for the economy

    • Four in five voters believe we need to stay competitive with neighboring states that already have paid leave and pass a plan of our own to attract the best and brightest employees to Connecticut

 Overall, this poll shows CT voters are ready for paid leave—they solidly support the policy and will reward candidates who work to pass it.

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Brittany Stalsburg